Farewell honorary citizen Dan Reisinger

Dan Reisinger (1934–2019)

27th November 2019 – the honorable citizen of the Municipality of Lendava, Dan Reisinger (Hebrew: דן ריזינגר), an Israeli artist, left us quietly. The public knowns him for his graphic and design achievements.

Dan Reisinger, the first designer to win the Israel Prize in the field, in 1998, passed away Wednesday in his sleep at age 85. He designed hundreds of symbols, stamps, army badges and medals, calendars, wall reliefs and more.

He will be remembered by the he people of Lendava for his works, which have been exhibited many times in the Synagogue of Lendava, especially the series of prints “The Scrolls of Fire”, which the artist gave to the Municipality of Lendava.

Dan Reisinger also designed the logo of the Slovenian Holocaust Museum when the synagogue Lendava with a permanent collection of the history of Dolnja Lendava (Alsó-Lendva) Jews and Judaism in Prekmurje was renamed to Slovenian Holocaust Museum.

The artist has also collaborated and worked on International Fine Art Colonies, organized by the Gallery-Museum Lendava.

Source (slovenian): Municipality of Lendava (Občina Lendava)

Links (english): Haaretz.com